ZombieGirl side:S -sister-Release!

I’m sorry, sister.
I’ve become a zombie……
「ZombieGirl side:S -sister-」Release!!

ZombieGirl side:S -sister-

The bloodline is a chain that keeps punishing the sisters.

A town suddenly attacked by an infection outbreak and shut down.
The big sister who came to save the little sister encounters misterious “zombies”!
Will the two heavily wounded sisters find a bright future, or despair…?

The latest title of the Zombie Girl series: “Zombie Girl Side S – Sister -” is here!

Feed zombies to give them back the intelligence they have lost, and solve the mystery that haunts the two sisters.
The story has multiple endings depending on the actions you choose for the futures of the two sisters.

Eesy & quick-to-play growing simulation game.

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ありがたいことにAppBANK様でも【ゾンビ彼女】をご紹介いただきました! 【AppBANK様】ゾ


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今まさにプレイ中の方も、もう遊び終わった方も 本当に有難うございます! おかげ様で沢山の方に


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まもなく公開となるアプリ「とべ!勇者」☆ 「ゾンビ彼女」公開後、比較的早い段階で開発は始まりま